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After install rubyonrail in my fedora core 5, test it with some demo script from “Agile Web Development with Rails”, I have some problems, after I compare it with the instantrails in my XP machine, some of the file are missing,…. now works.

I think somebodyelse have the problem too (maybe not fc5), but it worth to try my solution…..

35. Mike said 6 days later:

I successfully upgraded to Rails 1.1., but now when I point my browser to localhost:3000, I get a the following: Routing Error, Recognition failed for ”/rails_info/properties”
What’s the best fix for this?
39. Widi Harsojo said 7 days later:

Hi, I See on No. 35 like mine but I can work-it out :-),
I run rubyonrail on fedora core 5 installation, and it already have ruby 1.8.4 on it, but some of the files in ruby distribution are missing in folder ”/usr/lib/ruby/1.8” like, rdoc and irb, you can compare it with instantrails distribution on that folder or you can install ruby 1.8.4 from the source

Cheerrrssssss…… rails rock!


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  1. saatnya untuk nyobain typo kalo udah sukses install Ruby on Rails 😀

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