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Long time no see ya…

now, my programming language for web dev focus on
1. javascript (jquery)
2. ruby on rails
3. c# (monorails)


Snipcode I think I need it

using System.Configuration;

string connectionInfo =

<?xml version=“1.0”?>
<configuration xmlns=;>

<add key=“ConnectionInfo” value=“Postgresql” />



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Guess what…

#set($size = $DictHelper.CreateDict(“size=50″,”maxlength=50”))

User Name:$FormHelper.TextField(“”,$size)

NVelocity will tray to mapping to variable with typeof User in propertyBag or in Session.


Since April 2007 I am on Client in Cakung doing web development using CastleProject Umbrella (call monorails), my development environment using SharpDevelop and WinXP and sometime using notepad++, its new kind of experience after I am developing using CakePHP and before that developing in Delphi connect to Appfuse Application.

I think I am in the right track choosing monorails for WebDevelopment in net 2.0, I hope I can fill this blog some of my experience using CastleProject.

See ya….

Remember the old days when I ran Ruby 1.8.2 only, I got similar message from Ruby 1.9.0 (

C:\Ruby1.9\bin\ruby: no such file to load -- ubygems (LoadError)


This the result from the last installation from Ruby 1.8.6, since the Distribution for Ruby 1.9.0 Does not include rubygems, so you must remove the Environment Variables that Ruby will lookup for the options.

RUBYOPT = -rubygems

Mungkin sudah lumrah kalau di javascript kita bikin object dan creating methodsnya menggunakan prototype, dan yang sudah lumrah juga bahwa penulisan di javascript sebisa mungkin minimal (production biasanya di compress menggunakan tools dari Dean Edward), nah disini saya coba tamplikan cara penulisan untuk penambahan methods (contoh untuk object Date) dengan mengunakan function shortcut untuk prototype dan hasil dari pemanggilan function tersebut akan ditambahkan shortcut prototype penambahan methods dan shortcut prototype function penambahan methods menggunakan json.
javascript - extend prototype

I am waiting my friend install Oracle 10g on our Development Server in SLES 10, so I grab my intermediate file of my Ruby Doc Browser and Compare it with the Ruby 1.9, and this is the result (screen-shoot) in my Open Office

Ruby Diff 1.8.6 to 1.9.0 Kernel
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My Current editor for webdevelopment (check on Categories on this post)

<a href="#" class="delrec" norec="1">
	<img src="del.gif");?>"/>
- - - - - -	
<script type="text/javascript">
$().ready(function() {
		rec = $(this).attr("norec");
		if (confirm("Are you sure to delete this record:"+rec)) {
			location = "<?php e($this->webroot."ctrls/delete/");?>"+rec;

some of the command are:

hg add -n "glob:**.ctp"    // it will show match file, doesnot execute the command
hg add "glob:**.ctp"       // this one will add to the next commit
hg revert -all             // this one will revert back to the last commit ( all files ) 
if you already change the file it will be have add ext .orig

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